Can't Stand Out in the Sea of Competitors

Many companies spend a lot of time and money serving the same broad market as everyone else which is a recipe for slow growth and low margins. Find your perfect market where customers are excited to work with you and to pay you a fair price that doesn’t crush margins.

Winning Strategy and Strategic Plan

3 days – Pre course send survey info to collect and article to read – Can you say plus strategy map

  • Day 1 educate about strategy, review scan findings
  • Day 2 analyze capabilities and create USP and draft a strategy statement
  • Day 3 finalize all into tight, smart strategy statement - share with company
The Big Six Bootcamp

Find your best market opportunity​

Zero in on what it takes to win and keep customers

Focus capabilities on what the market wants most

Map out best path to expand competitive advantage

The Solution

Grow Your Advantage & Dominate Your Market

If you want to differentiate yourself from all the other suppliers, you need to get your company laser focused on a differentiated strategy. This course will help you to…

  • Become the best in your market
  • Find more time to focus on the best customers instead of wasting time doing too many things for too many people
  • Generate healthy margins
  • Stop competing on price and start creating enthusiastic customer who are happy to pay fairly for the value they receive.
  • Know what to say NO to
  • Remove confusion about what to do next


Brian Kinahan

Brian is certified in the Harvard University originated, world-leading Balanced Scorecard strategy process.

He is also an expert in Strategy Maps, the world’s best strategy communication and execution tool. This motivated him to create simple and clear maps his clients have used for decades to dramatically accelerate revenue growth and expand their margins.

CEO Coaching

What you get in the course

“When you register you will receive 3 pre-session worksheets to make your experience even more powerful.

You will also receive 2 of our articles explaining the most advanced strategy concepts and the power of strategy maps.”

  • During the course we will identify your best market opportunity.
  • We''ll zero in on your company's most important internal competencies that you'll want to keep developing to expand your competitiveness.
  • You'll create your winning strategy map and establish your 12-month strategic plan

This course is perfect for anyone who is

Facing a lot of competition

Getting a lot of pricing pressure that is eroding margins

Offering too many products or services

Facing a changing market and looking to reposition

Schedule / Details

  • The course is 3 days, 90 minutes each day.
  • Day one is: identifying industry and market trends + sorting through your most successful and promising customers
  • Day two is: selecting the best market and selecting the proper value proposition
  • Day three is: selecting your company's core competencies and creating a strategic improvement plan
  • This is an implementation workshop. You will learn and implement.


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No problem! Let’s chat – give Brian a call at (310) 256-2608 or send him an email at brian@ceomastery.net

What’s My Investment?

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What You Get


Brian Kinahan
The Six Simple, Powerful Steps To

Become A High-Impact Executive

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