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This course helps CEOs of small and mid-size businesses find and exploit their lucrative niche market so that they can enjoy a competitive advantage, grow revenues faster and expand profit margins.


Revenue Growth Strategy Map

I’ll walk you step by step through our proven process to create your best strategy ever.

JULY 27, 29, 31 2020: 3 Days, 1pm – 3pm PST

  • Day 1: Find your Best Product/Market Match by Identifying Trends + Sorting Through Your Most Successful and Promising Customers
  • Day 2: Define Your Winning Value Proposition and Draft your Strategy Map
  • Day 3: Finalize your Strategy Map and Create your Plan
  • This is an Implementation Workshop. You will Learn and Do.
  • Part of Pillar 1 of The Big Six - DNA


The Big Six Bootcamp
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What will I get in this workshop:

All the tools you need to find and exploit your best market niche.

  • Three internal strategy research surveys
  • Two strategy worksheets
  • Two articles
  • A 4 level strategy map that explains exactly what your strategy is
  • A recording of the live course to refer to.
  • At the end of the week I will have:
  • A winning strategy based on my best market opportunity​
  • A strategy map that describes the strategy so your employees can execute it
  • A strategic plan that ranks and schedules your top strategic initiatives

The best way to grow faster and expand profits is to target a market where you have a clear competitive advantage. The riches are definitely in the niches! To do that, we'll help you identify your most loyal and enthusiastic customers and understand what they buy from you and why.

This workshop is perfect for me if I am...

Facing tough competition

Getting extreme pricing pressure eroding margins

Offering too many products or services

Facing a changing market and looking to reposition

What’s My Investment?

Live Workshop Sessions

Interact directly with Brian
$ 349
  • Book in Advance!
  • Limited Seats Available.

Live Workshop Sessions

Interact directly with Brian
$ 349
  • Book in Advance!
  • Limited Seats Available.

Live Workshop Sessions + Membership

Interact directly with Brian
$ 209 + $15/month Membership Fee
  • Bi-Monthly Live Training for 2 Key Executives.
  • 40% Discount on Courses. 17 to Choose From.

Guaranteed Satisfaction or Your Money Back.

My purpose in life is to help you and other leaders become exceptional - rapidly, simply and affordably.
That’s why I created the Big Six Workshops and Bootcamp. I know this will work for you.
So, if at any time you are not happy within 30 days of taking the workshop,
I will immediately refund you your money.

  • Discounted Course Coaching Support = $199/hr vs. $399/hr
  • Free Monthly Live Education Series
  • Discount on Personal Coaching $199/hr vs. $399/hr
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Yes! The day after the course airs, we’ll send a replay so that you can catch up on what you missed or re-watch the content at your own pace. The replay will be available for members and for 2 weeks after we send it for non-members.

1:00 pm PST and it lasts 2 hours.  90 minutes of teaching and 30 minutes of Q&A.  

By all means.  The more help you have, the better the outcome.

No problem! Schedule a call HERE or email us at info@ceomastery.net