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Brian Kinahan

For years Brian’s been completely focused on helping CEOs and COOs be and do their best. That’s why he launched CEO Mastery – to reach more CEOs and share the simple solutions he’s developed.

He brings 40+ years of experience, including 25+ years of guiding CEOs to succeed beyond their expectations, 10 years as a CEO himself, and five years as a COO.

Business is his “golf” – he’d rather help CEOs succeed than do just about anything else.

Just like his CEO clients, Brian is competitive and understands what it’s like to invest in big goals.  There’s nothing more exciting to him than seeing his CEO clients flourish, grow and live the dream that drove them to launch their company in the first place.

He earned his MBA at UCLA and resides in Los Angeles with his family.

when you fully implement The Big Six

You will grow your business and profits faster

The Big Six is a 12 week course to transform your business – permanently.

We work with you to install the Six Pillars of Success with live, online workshops and implementation group sessions plus a weekly Q&A to help you when you need it. You’ll also have a private Facebook Group to help you along the way.

"Brian has proven beyond valuable in helping my company implement a powerful set of management practices that have significantly improved how we do things and the results we generate. On top of that, Brian’s CEO group serves as my private board of advisors - always present to assist in both personal and professional matters. We are a stronger, more profitable company because of the guidance and support we get from Brian and the group."
M. E.
"Engaging Brian and becoming part of his CEO Peer Group is the single best thing I’ve done for my business in years. Brian is an exceptional group leader and our coaching sessions are fantastic for developing strategy, building necessary business practices, and upgrading my leadership skills. In the 3+ years I’ve been with Brian, my business has almost doubled. If you want to grow personally, professionally, and financially, this is the way to go!"
J. G.
CEO ClearFuze
“I had grown my furniture business successfully for several years, but was feeling stuck. I was referred to Brian who has been a tremendous help. His knowledge, experience, commitment, and enthusiasm have revitalized me and my business. Mostly he’s helped me address what “I didn’t know that I didn’t know” and to begin putting into place the foundational practices that make everything run more smoothly with less direct involvement from me. It’s exciting and I’m very grateful."
I. M.
CEO Sunbeam Vintage, Mid Century Furniture

We Have Your Back

We walk you through the process every step of the way with a ton of live support because we’re committed to you completing the course and getting everything you can out of it. It’s a simple process where you have what you need at your fingertips. It only requires a little time and focused effort.

If you want your business to grow faster, more profitably and more smoothly, so that you don’t always have to be there to keep it going, then learn how to do what other successful companies do. Build a foundation of good business practices and profit from the wisdom and counsel of other CEOs and COOs.

Super-charge your business process today.

Brian Kinahan
The Six Simple, Powerful Steps To

Become A High-Impact Executive


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