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A Proven System

  • The Big Six Pillars have been researched, tested, implemented and improved in the field for over 30 years. I’ve taken umpteen courses, read over 100 books and tested countless approaches in real-life settings. Companies of all types have benefited hugely including service companies, manufacturers, distributors, government contractors and non-profits. It works.

Simple & Complete

  • Successful CEOs/COOs focus on doing what will have the greatest positive impact. This is especially true when it comes to building the business operating system. And yet there are so many books, theories and practices to choose from! Wondering what to do and where to start? No worries. We’ve boiled it all down to the top 10% that generate 90% of the benefits.



Turn Years Into Weeks

  • Knowing is one thing. Doing is another. That’s why we designed CEO Academy the way we did. The live, online workshop is carefully engineered with simple, focused clinics, powerful worksheets, get-it-done implementation groups and personal coaching to show you how to do it all. Progress is fast and each weekly practice begins paying dividends right away.

Huge ROI

  • A well-run business is more profitable. But you may not know how much more money your business will make when your people are high-performers and in the right roles, when you have a focused, winning strategy, a planning cycle, accountability and innovation, efficient and consistent processes, and data access and reporting that lead to better decisions. It's a Tesla for the price of a Toyota.



Love it or get your money back

  • My purpose in life is to help you and other leaders become exceptional rapidly, simply and affordably. That’s why I created CEO Academy. This hands on, done-with-you course will work for you. And, of course, if at any time you are not exceedingly happy with the impact on your business I will immediately refund you your money.

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